My name is Ryan Schroeder and my expertise lies within the user experience field. I’m passionate about not just creating innovative products, but making sure those products are created with the end user in mind. Additionally, I’m incredibly passionate about developing people and leading them to heights they never thought possible in their careers.

I grew up in a very small town in northern Michigan called East Jordan. Most people aren’t familiar with this town of just 2,000 people but we are the headquarters of an international company called EJ. Never heard of EJ? Most haven’t, but the next time you’re out walking around and step over a manhole cover, read it. I bet it’ll say something along the lines of ‘East Jordan Iron Works’, ‘EJ’, or ‘East Jordan, Michigan.’ While not a glamorous industry at all, it’s really cool being able to go just about anywhere in the country and many places around the world and always have a little bit of home.

After graduating, I wanted the complete opposite of a small town and attended my childhood dream school Michigan State University. Cue cute photo of baby Ryan in a MSU onesie.

Me as a baby in a MSU onesie holding a phone

At MSU, I studied Experience Architecture which was a brand new major at the time centered around user experience. I took courses in computer science, graphic design, project management, and some philosophy to ensure a well-rounded education. We worked on real-world projects and received an incredible understanding of the field.

After graduating college, I wanted to continue this ‘opposite of my childhood’ trend I was on and moved to born-again Detroit and started working full-time for Quicken Loans. After a summer internship and working for them part-time during my senior year, I knew this was where I wanted to start my career. Since then, I have had the privilege of working on several big projects on an internal product and where I started my leadership career.

The user experience field is super broad and that’s what I find so interesting about it. I can do a variety of different things and can learn something new every single day. With leadership, I get to show people how important this field is and help others achieve their professional goals. Innovative technology is extremely exciting but I believe it’s where that innovative technology meets the humanities that truly makes incredible products.