One of my favorite questions is a simple letter word: Why. A natural response to that would be “why is ‘why’ your favorite question?” I find that this simple question can bring out so much clarity. More specifically, I like understanding why someone is in the position they are in or doing the work that they are doing. I wanted to kick-start my ‘blog’ with explaining what my why is and how that has helped shape my professional career thus far.

Simply put, my why is to make a difference. This may sound like a cliché, but to me, there are so many specific facets to it.

User Experience: User Experience is all about making a difference to the user and the product/service they are interacting with. It’s about putting in the work to understand needs, pain points, and wants to create a product/service that positively benefits their lives. Think about your favorite products or services that you use. They probably, in some way, have made a difference on your life, and if it’s your favorite, it probably made a positive difference. In my opinion, that’s what makes user experience so interesting. That’s what this field is for. Intentionally crafting products that are intuitive, beautiful, and serve a purpose. And, with technology constantly evolving, we get to do that time and time again.

Leadership: I’ve been passionate about leadership for a very long time for the exact same reason. I enjoy making a difference to those I have the privilege of leading. I love the ability to see someone complete a particularly challenging task or project that they never thought was possible. To learn a new skill they have always been interested in but maybe didn’t have the resources to master it. Some of my favorite professional moments have been seeing team members rise up to a challenge without a solid idea of how to conquer it, but then not just completing it, completing it in a way they are extremely proud of. A leader’s job is to develop and make a difference on their team. That’s what I strive to do every single day.

Making a positive difference on something or someone is not easy. It takes work. It takes planning. It takes passion. It’s a simple saying but there’s a lot that goes into it and that’s why, to me, it’s so fascinating.