I know it seems a little odd to write out your portfolio as one of your projects but I view this project just as important as any other. A portfolio allows you to show who you are and what you're capable of and this portfolio is no different. There are countless sites out there that make it super easy to make a portfolio and add in the projects you have worked on. For mine, however, I wanted to create it all myself. The design, code, and content is all done by me.


Screenshots of the design of my portfolio in Adobe XD

I have always had a passion for web design and the creativity it forces. I started designing my portfolio after looking at several other websites for inspiration. I find it so important to browse the web to see what other people in a similar field are doing and how they showcase themselves. I also did a bit of research on colors and the feelings they are associated with. I landed on blue as the main color scheme for this website because of the feeling of trust and stability it brings while also being associated with calmness. In my work, I try to embody all three of those things.

I used Adobe XD as the platform to do my designs. I am very familiar with many of the Creative Cloud products and have been using XD since the day it was launched. I find it so easy to quickly iterate on many different designs and the integration with the rest of the Creative Cloud makes it a no-brainer when working with different images and icons.


I have developed several websites in the past but each time I start coding, I approach it with the desire to do things differently and more streamlines than what I did before. The web development space is constantly evolving and each language continues to offer new tips & tricks to implement. Additionally, starting with a design (which I find critical) always brings up interesting challenges. Some items are super easy to design but very challenging to represent in code.

The entire website is built off of HTML and CSS with the goal to implement more advanced languages when they make sense for the project. For instance, utilizing Python HTML web templates as I build out my blogging area.